Onepercent bathrooms is a space dedicated to classical and modern sanitary ware and tiles. With three levels showcasing our products from both British and Italian bathroom brands. An unparrallelled selections for a contemporary and classical bathroom, personal saunas and spas.


Distinctive bathroom collections with a strong traditional style. Bathroom Brands is the company that offers this beautiful collection of classical products as they attempt to blend smart design with style, quality and functionality across a range of mid-to-upper mass-market price points.

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Modularity, innovation, design and practicality. Our Italian contemporary brand, IdeaGroup take on a stylish and elegant approach with rich materials and glass that are totally customisable. Crosswater, Salgar, London Art and others are some of the contemporary brands that make up onepercent’s portfolio and product variety.

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A product group that is dedicated to a niche clientele. Our brands Hafro, Geromin and Saunavita offer a beautiful range that can realise a relaxation space of your dreams.

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