A green mosaic for the living walls

Roofingreen Nature is a patented modular system designed for home exteriors. It comes from 20 years of multi-disciplinary experiences of a team specialising in architecture, construction and design. It is not only ideal for covering and paving ventilated floors, but it is also perfect for restoration and renovation interventions. The Roofingreen Nature modules turn roofs and terraces into new and more innovative meeting places suitable for social events while saving on energy resources.

Roofingreen Nature Side is a sustainable concept that provides an answer to the needs of innovation with creative yet simple ideas. It carries thermic properties which serve to insulate and soundproof walls, thus improving the external features of the building it is applied to. Roofingreen Nature Side creates liveable spaces where they had not been originally planned and guarantees its users protection against the cold in winter as well as peace and quiet all year long.



Outdoor Solutions

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Decking flooring

At Onepercent we do everything in style, and decking flooring is no exception. Offering effective contemporary solutions, our decking flooring is solid and smooth, providing the luxurious feel that anyone would love. Make your choice out of our vast selection of finishes.



Canopies and Sun Shades

We use only the finest of material. This makes our canopies and sun shades more wind-resistant, more durable, more reliable, and most of all, safer to use.

You can enjoy a day out in style and be protected by the shade of a sizeable, high-quality canopy. Do not hesitate to visit our showroom for a full selection of outdoor products.




Outdoor furniture

What’s the use of having high-quality home interiors without accompanying them with innovative, cutting-edge outdoor furniture to match your tastes?

Creativity can be extended outside by the pool in a clear sunset, where each and every space counts, and where every occasion is made remarkable.

Onepercent makes this possible by converting your visions to a tangible reality.