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Wall systems

Walls can easily look bare, under decorated or over decorated. What you need to do is to find the balance between chic and luxurious. Onepercent’s stylish wall-systems are the ultimate decoration to your fashionable living interiors. They act harmoniously with the rest of the furniture in your personal space. By dropping into our showrooms, you get to see this harmony in action.




A stressful and high-paced life deserves to be complemented with a luxurious retreat. Your bedroom is the one place where you can truly unwind, relax and charge for the next day.

At Onepercent, we turn your bedroom into a lavish dwelling where you not only cherish a well-deserved sleep, but also delve into your imagination. Designed with a practical and unique touch, our bedrooms impart a sense of luxury and comfort.

Pop into our showroom; we’re always ready to help invigorate your lifestyle. For in this case, one size does not fit all.



Walk-In Wardrobes / Wardrobes

In every living environment, the management of one’s clothes always proves to be a headache. One needs ease of access and flexibility. Storage spaces must be fun and above all, stylish.

Conquer your clothing clutter in style and maximise your space. Onepercent’s made-to-measure walk-in wardrobes help you organise your belongings in an elegant fashion. We design everything according to your specific requirements.

Contact us now or give us a call for further information.



Living Solutions

Leisure living can only be possible when the right living solutions create a balance of luxury, comfort and practicality. At Onepercent, we make every second of your rest worthwhile. Take one step further and visit our showroom in Valley Road, Msida. Our designers are eager to show you more.



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